About ME

I am a first time blogger.

 I had the privilege to experience “Flag Ceremony” every morning when I was in elementary and everytime, it ended with “Angelina” exercise. 

I am so grateful that I was able to receive love letters with fluttering heart and spent my time choosing the best stationary, to make sure that my highschool crush would have a glimpse of the beautiful highschool girl image of me which I created in my mind. 

I enjoyed posting pictures, chainging my profile theme and sending comments to my friend’s profile which was usually glittery. Thanks Friendster!

I also had Yahoo Messenger (YM) pinned on my desktop to make sure that I can easily load it to chat with my college blockmates. I also spent a lot of time waiting to harvest crops on my Farmville accouny (the disappoint when those crops withered is still pretty clear).