One step closer to become KATNISS EVERDEEN

First post! Yey! Since this is my first time posting something, I want it to be personal and to talk about something I also did for the first time.

ARCHERY! Woohoo!!

I called my inner Katniss Everdeen and went to an Archery gym (???) recently. I don’t know what to call such place and I am too lazy to look for it online so…. Let’s just stick with archery GYM.

I visited DMZ which is located at 18 Mystic Rose Drive Sanville Subdivision, Quezon City, 1128.


I went there without any expectations. Trying archery is one of crazy random ideas I have. But surprisingly I enjoyed it a loooot. (That’s something coming from a person like me)

Archery, is a good way to escape your unconscious mind. I tend to daydream a lot but archery needs your 100% focus and attention. It was a breath of fresh air! I am so happy that I have tried it.

The experience was better than expected but since I prepared myself for the worse… hmmmm. Whatever, I

I’ll try it again for sure!


  • Take a cab. It will save time and energy. (You don’t want to be out of energy before even starting, right?) UBER costs 96 pesos from Trinoma to DMZ

  • Listen carefully. The instructors are really superb that even a clumsy with unathletic body and mind person like me was able to hit bullseye even once.

DMZ’s info:

Address: 18 Mystic Rose Drive Sanville Subdivision, Quezon City, 1128

They are open Mon to Sun. For weekdays, the opening hour is 1 pm while for weekends it’s 10am.